Who We Are

BizKit Technologies Inc. is an IT services and solutions company, specializing in ERP, RPA, web applications and consulting. We enable our clients to navigate through their digital transformation and transform their businesses for tomorrow.

Our Mission

We strive to help clients, in every industry across the globe, on their path to digital transformation and partner with them to fuel growth, move faster, and build business resilience

Our Plan

To care deeply about what we do and create long lasting impact by bringing value to our clients through our services and solutions

Our Vision

To create a world of businesses without borders through IT modernization and transformation



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Streamline processes and information across the entire company and enable real time data visibility of your business status anytime anywhere

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Efficiently and effectively manage human resource information and related processes in your organization

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Automate processes by using “robots” to mimic human actions to relieve resources from performing repetitive tasks


Set-up your own e-commerce via our platform model which makes moving to a digital selling platform as low cost and low commitment as possible

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Unlock the power of technology and begin your organization's digital transformation.

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Consumer and Retail

Fast-track time to market. Create competitive advantage with a system that can provide real-time data on sales data for strategic planning and react fast to market with a system that can do dynamic pricing and discount management that synchronizes immediately across all retail outlets.


Meet increasingly and rapidly changing customer demands with an automated and flexible manufacturing operations to manage your end-to-end workflow to minimize human error and improve productivity.


Reimagine and transform your supply chains for tomorrow with a holistic view of inventories, supply chains and logistics activities from start till the end of the process in order to have improved customer service and in turn provide higher sales.


Effectively manage all moving parts in your company with a by project break down of raw materials, labor, schedule, costs and profitability in order to optimize your profits.

Our Clients

Great Humans Needed

In BizKit Tech, you'll match your ingenuity with the latest technology to make incredible things that create long lasting value

Project Manager

Drive IT project delivery and execution - Plan, manage and communicate the progress of the project, achieving project milestones and maintaining momentum of the project.

Business Analyst

Bridge the gap between technical and business client teams with the right balance of technical mastery and business process know-how

Software Engineer

Implement Python-based ERP software, robotics process automation, e-commerce, web applications and get to learn in action IT core digital capabilities

Junior Associate

Be a future senior project manager, developer and business analyst by training along with the masters in their field!

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